I ate, I drank, I looked at art, I went to Italy

June 16th, 2017Posted by Nancy

We spent two lovely weeks in Italy in May.  This time it was one week in Venice for the Biennale plus a few days in Lucca and in Florence.  Because we’d hit all the big sights last time, we were able to take things at a more leisurely pace, which involved a lot of long lunches.  I pretended to think about writing and tried to be open to inspiration but mostly I just ate, drank and enjoyed myself. So sue me.

And here are the pictures to prove it.

We stayed in a lovely apartment at the far eastern end of Venice, so in addition to a quiet neighbourhood, a park, and two quite nice restaurants, we also had a stunning view of sunset over Venice.

We went to Murano and Burano islands and had the good fortune to stumble on the Venissa Vineyard, which contained two restaurants. We promptly ditched our previous plans for the first of the aforementioned two hour lunches on their patio. Fabulous food and I immediately became addicted to Sarde in Saor (sardines) and Venetian baccala (dried cod soaked in milk and turned into a spread). I ate both of them every chance I had.

Viva Arte Viva! was the slogan of this year’s Venice Biennale and we spend three solid days checking out the two Biennale locations and the other art spread all over the city.

From the Russian Pavilion

Witches from the Mexican Pavilion

All of my good pictures from our day in Cinque Terre (two miles to hike, two and half hours to do it, 100 flights climbed according to my fitness app, another two hour lunch) refuse to load, so here is some street art from outside our apartment in Florence.

And the last word goes to a broody Dante and his pigeon-beseiged eagle pal.

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