May is also pretty mean …

May 20th, 2023Posted by Nancy

Where we left our heroine, she was recovering from Covid and a bad fall. May was promising, with a visit from a sibling, a road trip, and a long-delayed trip to Nova Scotia coming up in June. Work on the witch novel was proceeding, flamenco class had been resumed, I’d had my first writing date since March, and the seeds that precipitated the fall had been planted.

Then my husband went for his every-two-year examination by the retinal specialists at Toronto Western Hospital. Concerned noises were made. Some lasering was done. Surgery would be required. No, it couldn’t wait until after visits and road trips and air travel was definitely not going to happen.

On the upside, his slowly detaching retina will be dealt with (as well the cataract in that eye, which I suppose is a bonus), our road trip travel arrangements can be cancelled with no penalty, and I’m going to make the Nova Scotia trip anyway, as additional company on the “meet the great-grandson” tour. Not MY great-grandson, I must point out. We’re hoping that his recovery requirements won’t be too onerous but we won’t find out the details until next week.

In the meantime, editing can be done, tomatoes can be planted, and there are lots of podcasts to listen to if he’s not allowed to read.

June, please don’t let me down.

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