Resolutions, what resolutions?

January 12th, 2019Posted by Nancy

A number of year’s ago, after reading Sarah Susanka’s book The Not-So-Big Life, I adopted a year-end ritual that involves asking myself some questions from the book about what I learned, achieved, and failed to do in the previous year.  I’d then set out my goals for the new year.  I now have over ten years’ of thoughts and resolutions, which are notable only for how little changes and how I still haven’t lost ten pounds or become a better person.  Still, I dutifully do the steps, transfer my goals into my Outlook task list (a legacy of many years of work), and then do some of them and just keep pushing other ones farther and farther out it’s the end of another year.  But I have found it helpful in giving myself specific goals and try to tell myself that anything accomplished is better than nothing.

Based on another book, I divide my resolutions up into categories such as “health/fitness”, “family and friends”, and “Creativity”.   This does help me break each element down into more discrete tasks for which I can sometimes assign a target number. 

This year’s Creativity resolutions are:

– Continue writing dates

– Do collage and maybe mosaic

– Look for other resources (podcasts etc)

– Aim to write 500 words a week if not on a special program

Not exactly overly ambitious, I know.  But so far I haven’t made the 500 words a week for 2019, so I’m grateful for not already being too far in the hole.

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