Camp Nanowrimo results

August 6th, 2022Posted by Nancy

I had a target of 5,000 words for July, which I managed to achieve* despite everything that was going on in the rest of my life. I’m not persuaded they were GOOD words, mind you, or advanced the plots at all, but – as I am constantly being reminded – it’s easier to cut words than write them. In theory, I can write entire plot branches that don’t work and have to be ruthlessly pruned and rethought, but I find that once I’ve written something down it assumes a certain … solidity … in my brain and it becomes quite difficult to make wholesale changes.

August is review and plan month and I can only hope that I can find some answers somewhere in the morass of my notes and thoughts and alternative possibilities.

* ok, ok, I confess. I actually finished on August 1st. So take my cute certificate back.

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