Migration woes and kind words

October 6th, 2012Posted by Nancy

No one, even at their most charitable, would call me technologically adept. My brother, his friend (and my future husband, though we didn’t know it at the time) and I were once discussing an article that had posited that the world would be divided into techno-lords and techno-peasants. Richard claimed techno-lord status, I was clearly a techno-peasant and my brother decided he would be a techno-parasite instead. All of this to lead up to the fact that my web hosting service migrated their platform or some such other hand-wavy technical thing last week and I’ve had nothing but trouble since. Part of this is my own fault, since I failed to read the instructions with sufficient diligence (in my defense, I think it’s a good idea to put the single big thing you must absolutely do to get your service back in ALL of the many e-mails I received. Preferably at the top.) and partially because the parts I did read just made my brain hurt. But at least I eventually made it here again.

Another thing I’m bad at is noticing Facebook messages and as a result missed a request from Derek Newman-Stille at Speculating Canada regarding an article on my book “A Terrible Beauty”. When I finally did clue in, I went to read the review and was both flattered by the kind words and impressed by the fact that Derek had found imagery that had never even occurred to me while I was writing. His comments regarding the use of lake and water imagery struck me as absolutely true and a complete surprise to me.

The site features interviews, reviews and articles about horror, sf and fantasy from a Canadian perspective and it’s definitely going on my favorites list.

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  • 1 toveen · Oct 11, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Techno-peasants are my favourite because they’re pretty much the only reason I’m semi-valuable at work.
    Congratulations on the review!

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