Target achieved (almost)

December 23rd, 2019Posted by Nancy

I’m 475 words away from hitting 30,000 this year and, at the risk of invoking the displeasure of the gods, I’m relatively certain that I can manage that before midnight on December 31st.

Roughly half of them will be for the Witch Novel, bringing me to almost 62,000 for that project. I had some breakthroughs on plot this year, though there are still many murky bits on the path ahead. What do nuns have to do with this, you ask? Ah, but that would be telling…

The rest of the output was on the Not the Witch Novel, which began as a way to write something fun, fluffy, romantic, and contemporary, as a contrast to the much more ornate, Tanith Lee-influenced (Leethian? Leeish?) language in the Witch novel. Sadly, this quickly morphed into something neither fluffy or particularly romantic, though it is contemporary. I blame listening the podcast About Buildings and Cities and their episodes about Bruno Taut, Paul Scheerbart (see above), and Glass Architecture for that. Or perhaps fluffy and romantic are just not in my repertoire. The path is much murkier on this one, as evidenced by the number of question marks in my notes.

Still, I’ve had much worse years in this regard, so I will take what I can get. On to 2020!

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