We drink and try to remember our real names…

April 18th, 2020Posted by Nancy

Preparing for the long haul

How is your sheltering-in-place/isolation/social distancing going? That well?

I can’t really complain (though, of course, sometime I still do). I’m sitting on my couch listening to “Tentacles!” from the truly amazing musical A Shoggoth on the Roof, which manages to combine the music from Fiddler on the Roof with H.P. Lovecraft. It works quite well – and reminds you how good the music in that show is.

I’m still working, working out (though the initial selection of at-home options has begun to pale so I’m searching for new things to jump around to – the song below works very well), practicing flamenco, walking when I need to get out of the house, and .. um…drinking wine. But only after 5:30. I’m trying to write, having set myself a goal of 10,000 words for April. Sadly, unless a tsunami of inspiration comes bearing down on me, I’m unlikely to meet that goal. There’s only so much tapdancing around the rather large black hole where the plot should be that I can do.

Things I have read since the last post:

  • Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey
  • The Fountains of Silence by Ruth Sepetys
  • How to do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell
  • The Witches are Coming by Lindy West
  • Patricia McKillip and the Art of Fantasy World-Building by Audrey Isabel Taylor (which only proved that while I adore McKillip and wish I could world-build the way she does, I really, really can’t)
  • Midnight in Chernobyl by Adam Higginbottom

Stay safe. Stay Sane. Maintain your physical distance. Don’t hoard toilet paper. Dance to The Talking Heads.

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