What a drag it is getting old …

March 28th, 2021Posted by Nancy

If 2019 was the year of the sore hip (arthitic degeneration, muscle tear, cortisone shots, PRP treatment), then 2021 is shaping up as the year of the sore shoulder. A few months ago, I was out for my regular walk when my left shoulder, upper arm, and pectoral muscles started to hurt. I thought this was rather odd and therefore did what everyone does – I consulted Dr. Google. There was not much information on that situation, beyond the suggestion that it might have to do with posture and arm movement.

It continued to get worse, so I tried to keep track of what caused problems. Doing a plank or chaturanga in yoga seemed fine, but doing a chest press with weights did not. Doing front arm raises was fine but lifting my left arm above my head, especially when lying down, was not.

Finally I decided I’d better mask up and go to the physiotherapist, especially it seems as if every second woman in my age group seems to be getting frozen shoulder. After some prodding and various tests, the verdict was Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. I’ve been advised to avoid lifting my arm up too high (which means footwork practice only in flamenco), avoiding certain weight exercises, and doing some targeted exercises to strength the muscles around my shoulder.

Could be worse. And at least my husband and I can do our physio-prescribed exercises together, as he has tennis elbow.

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