Where to get my Books

My first few novels (The Night Inside, Blood and Chrysanthemums, and A Terrible Beauty) are available by ebook from all the usual suppliers. The physical books can only be found at used book services.  Cold Hillside is available in both physical and ebook versions.

You can order Discovering Japan and Chrysanthemum Shadows from the forms below:

*NOTE* If you’d like a signed copy or inscribed copy, please include a message with your Paypal payment.

MAY 2019:  There is a current problem with the Paypal interface, so please email me directly at nancy@nancybaker. ca before you order.

When you order via Paypal, you should receive a message asking you to return to your originating e-mail address. Click on that and it will take you to the site where you can download the book you’ve ordered. If you have any problems, please contact me at nancy@nancybaker.ca.

discovering-japan-cover Discovering Japan: Short Stories

A limited-edition collection from the House of Pomegranates imprint,
Discovering Japan presents old and new writings, including
never-before-published short fiction and a bonus excerpt from the

Available as an e-book for Kindle and other formats.

chrysanthemum-shadows-cover Chrysanthemum Shadows

Originally published as part of my second novel, Blood & Chrysanthemums, this new book contains the extraordinary diary of the vampire Sadamori Fujiwara.

From the seductive nights in the imperial court of the eleventh century to the horror and tragedy of the darkest days of the twentieth, Fujiwara’s story is a tale of poetry and violence, of delight and despair.

Exquisitely illustrated and designed by the artists of the House of
Pomegranates Press, this edition stands alone as an evocative exploration of being a vampire in a world that has no word for what you are.

124 pages. Hardcover.

E-book for Kindle and other formats