In Praise of Writing Dates

October 4th, 2018Posted by Nancy

It may just be the throes of first love, but I’m definitely enjoying my writing dates with the amazing, astounding, and inspirational Gemma Files.  We meet up at Balzac’s on Market Street, stake out two small side-by-side tables, set up our laptops and go at it, with breaks to discuss movies, plot points, and more.  I’ve gotten more done in three dates than I had in three months prior to that.  Some of that might have been to knowing the scenes I had to work on (as opposed to arriving without the faintest clue of what to write) but I’ll take what I can get!

Here’s looking forward to a productive end of 2018.  If I keep this up – and meet my Nanowrimo goals – I should break 50,000 words.  Now if I could just nail down the plot….

Also, the picture above is a totally accurate representation of us writing.  Yes, indeed.


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