You edit 243 pages and what do you get?

April 2nd, 2021Posted by Nancy

A long list of questions, things to research or brainstorm, somewhat fewer words than when you started, and far fewer answers than you’d hoped for.

April was editing month and I actually printed out all 243 words of my main WIP (aka The Witch Novel) in hopes of getting a new perspective. Some thoughts:

  • this is the first thing I’ve ever written that has no chapter breaks at this point. The only divisions are between narrative voices. It feels very strange but there’s also no meaningful way to add breaks at this point
  • some of the prose is pretty damned nice
  • writing in second person is lots of fun
  • I’m still struggling mightily with the exact shape of the plot and numerous aspects of the plot
  • I get very annoyed with “Europe with the serial numbers filed off” fantasy novels and here I am writing a “Europe with the serial numbers filed off” novel. Serves me right, I suppose.

I also edited the 32 pages of the Glass World Novel Take 2, which has many of the same problems. I’ve just changed Europe to “New York Hudson River Valley, possibly in the 1930s” but have still filed off the serial numbers, sort of.

It’s been almost six years since I started the Witch Novel. I’m still hopeful I’ll beat the 17 years it took me to finish COLD HILLSIDE.

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